Learning role in society

Learning role in society

June 2012 - GREAT design and vision for lifelong learning in the E&T2020

GREAT design and vision for lifelong learning in the E & T 2020

The theme "Games Based Learning - Learning Supported Digital Games," popularized by the acronym GBL (which, today, it should accommodate a GwBL because it is so produced to be exploited via web) has been disseminated through dissemination sessions of the APG (www.apg.pt) Project GREAT and its European and national partners. (Www.projectgreat.eu).

To have contact with the GBL method is to know the new trends in Europe (and, come to discover in the world) on the development of structured learning methodologies in training and development of behavioral skills using digital fun games. (Designed to break away from serious games and gaming).

Another finding is that the concepts and ideas on the subject teem coming to multiply and it is very difficult to stabilize a as it searches in European projects of this nature (TOI - transfer of innovation). You should maintain openness to different perspectives and assume that the European practice is still very early adopter lacking depth and investment.

It turned out that Portugal has centers of excellence in some of its universities that put students in a highly competitive market generates revenue for the industry No .1 on world top sales, that of digital games. What this industry and these young producers / manufacturers can associate a sense of ethical responsibility toward those who will use or consume. This ethical dimension is the game to serve individual and collective learning.

Portugal has a new opportunity here (which already had with eLearning in the beginning of the century and left to lose) to compete globally in this market.

Europe is yet to start their steps in this learning methodology (although she has to appear in European documents of strategic direction for education and training since 2009, decision of the European Parliament), and with GREAT Portugal is with this league for innovation and future long life learning.

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