Learning role in society

Learning role in society


Experts meeting in Graz on GBL/TEL for Europe - resuming

Table/Room-WG1: Challenges and requirements for the future of training and education coming from GBL

Objective: to develop a common view or vision of the role for GBL in training and education

Questions to remark: ICT/digital preparation of European citizens in 2020?

What vision should we have of an effective role for life long learning in Europe in 2020 with regard to GBL developments?

Table/Room2-WG2: Key Policies to achieve effective GBL use in training policy in Europe.

Objective: To identify the key policies or instruments that are needed (taking barriers and obstacles into account).

Questions to remark: certification and accreditation models? Evaluation and assessment? Recommendations to avoid severe errors?

Table/Room-WG3: Challenges and requirements for the Learning processes and methods coming from GBL use.

Objective: to develop a common view of the scenarios, contexts, content, environments for better E&T using GBL.

Questions to remark: what must be changed in training centers? And about Trainers and Training managers and leaders? What about the curricula and assessment?

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