Learning role in society

Learning role in society


Digital Agenda Assembly as 101 medidas

Está feita a apresentação de que vou fazer uso no workshop 08. Mainstreaming e-Learning in education and training.
What is the Digital Agenda Assembly?The Digital Agenda Assembly is an annual event for assessing progress and identifying challenges for the Digital Agenda for Europe. The first Assembly takes place in Brussels, at Autoworld and other museums in the Cinquantenaire/Jubel Park, close to Schuman square. It is expected to gather several hundreds persons contributing to and interested on the goals and actions of the Digital Agenda.

The seven pillars of the Digital Agenda for EuropeChoose one of the pillars to learn more.

Pillar 1: A vibrant digital single market

Pillar 2: Interoperability and standards

Pillar 3: Trust and security

Pillar 4: Fast and ultra-fast Internet access

Pillar 5: Research and innovation

Pillar 6: Enhancing digital literacy, skills and inclusion

Pillar 7: ICT-enabled benefits for EU society


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  1. Action 68: Member States to mainstream eLearning in national policies.
    Member States should mainstream eLearning in national policies for the modernisation of education and training, including curricula, assessment of learning outcomes and the professional development of teachers and trainers.