Learning role in society

Learning role in society


Questionário aplicado a nível mundial

Masie publicou no seu site os resultados do Questionário à implementação e desenvolvimento da Aprendizagem Social - tendo sido desenvolvido no âmbito da pesquisa de doutoramento de Hyunkyung Lee (Coreia do Sul) e foi aplicado on-line a 781 organizações a nível mundial.

Alguns dos resultados:

"a) Is your organization currently using or planning to use any Social Learning at any time in the future?
- Yes: 76.57%
- No: 23.43%

b) What are the reasons why your organization is not using Social Learning? (4 Top Reasons):
- More proof of Social Learning's effectiveness is needed.
- No interest in our organization..
- Compliance, legal, privacy, security or other restraints.
- Not compatible with our organizational culture.

c) Why is your organization using or planing to use Social Learning?
- To provide opportunities to share knowledge and the experiences of colleagues - 90.66%
- To motivate learners in the learning process - 47.98%
- To accelerate time to competence - 44.95%
- To keep up with the Social Learning trend - 40.40%
- To decrease formal learning time - 35.35%

d) What types of Social Learning activities does your organization offer?
- Collaborative Documents (wikis, blogs) for learning - 77.49%
- Internal Social Networks/Media for learning - 67.26%
- Discussion Boards for learning - 59.85%
- Classroom-based collaboration or group projects - 44.50%
- External Social Networks/Media for learning - 39.13%
- Projects with Multiple Learners - 37.60%"
Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - February 19, 2009.

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